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daily affirmations video Daily Affirmations

Use this video on a daily basis to keep yourself motivated. Try it for twenty eight days to see how it can make a difference to your life. It does take twenty eight days to make a new habit. Then continue using it regularly to enable your life to become more positive and fulfilling. The definition of the law of Attraction is; whatever we give out attention to whether it is negative or positive is what we will receive so it is important to have a positive mindset. Using these daily affirmations will help you with this process. We have two sides to our brain the left side is about words and the right side is about pictures. Using both sides of the brain is paramount if you want the law of attraction to work for you. For instance you can say lots of positive affirmations all the time, but if all you can see is negative pictures in your mind your positive daily affirmations will be cancelled out. It can also work the other way round too. If you have positive pictures in your mind but you are not backing it up with positive words nothing will happen. I think it is important to also look at how we express ourselves in our everyday language. For instance how do we leave a message on peoples answer phones. Do you leave a message and say “its only me” which immediately puts a negative connotation about yourself. Or do you say “sorry to bother you” When asked how you are do you say “not bad” The word bad Is not a good word to use. Try saying I feel great instead. Is it time to change your general vocabulary? Do you always look at the negative of a situation? Are your pictures in your mind negative or positive? Are you a half a glass person or a half full one? Remember it does take 28 days to make  a new habit. Read more about it on my blog

Using Daily Affirmations

If you decide to come on my 6 weeks Life Purpose Revealed on-line course i will teach you about how to have a positive mindset using different techniques. We all go through times of change in our lives and it is how we navigate our way through these times that makes us who we are. I have had my own times of turmoil with divorce and relationship problems. Money issues along with health challenges too. It has not been plain sailing by any means but it has made me who I am today and I now have complete empathy and understanding for what others go through. I would love to help you too so if you would like to join me give me a call and we can have a  chat on how that can happen. if you download my free e book you will receive my weekly newsletter and video called Inspired Messages Monday. Watching this each week could be the start of a new chapter in your life. Come and say hello soon?


Welcome again and thank you for connecting with me and enjoy these daily affirmations.

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