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 life purpose

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 life purpose

 life purpose I will help you discover what you truly love to do and reveal your unique gifts and talents. Either join me on one of my online programs or book a one to one consultation. 

Sue shares with you her vision The moment you entered the world was a magical moment in time and your astrology chart shows me your unique potential for this lifetime. Your date and time of birth was when the curtain went up for you. Even at that moment you were a person with your own unique character as unique as your DNA. Everything that is you existed in potential much like a play that is about to begin. An astrology reading gives me a broad outline of your talents and opportunities you will encounter while you are here on earth. However we do have free will to make the right choices as we progress through life.”

“Over the last twenty three years I have helped lots of people move in a new direction and now it is your turn.  Are you ready to take that leap of faith?  Lets start that journey together today, now, this minute, no more putting it off.  I cannot wait to inspire you and help you discover your life purpose. I believe that we can do, have and be anything we want to be.  We all have a purpose; let’s find out what yours is now!”

Thank you so much for a really enjoyable inspirational workshop. I thought I would just let you know that I have completed my treasure map of my dream home in Suffolk. I will let you know when it comes about. Thanks again it was a great day and I learnt so much from you, even in that short space of time.

Rosemary  Letchworth

Many thanks for your help. With your help and support I am finally finding out about myself and the real me. I feel very positive about this. It will take time but I know with your ongoing help I will get there in the end.

Ian  Bedfordshire

Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Creative Visualisation. I really enjoyed the whole day, particularly as I felt I had lost touch with my spiritual path and needed a boost to get me motivated again. You certainly inspired me and I will use the techniques I learnt and use them every day. Thanks again.

Lesley  Buntingford

I would like to tell you that I think you are doing a great job, teaching others how to be creative and positive; a woman after my own heart, keep it up and I am sure it will lead you to the most unusual places with unusual special people. Love and light in abundance.

Linda  Hertfordshire

Sue always spends a lot of time with people and has a genuine interest and passion in their ongoing development. She is totally committed to the client an in helping them to achieve their desired outcome. Her communication skills are excellent and inspirational and she has many different approaches and therefore provides several options in any situation.

Jackie King

Sue is a truly talented individual and the level of trust and rapport she secured subsequently led me to consult with her on a specific issue and she kindly offered her advice and insight from her years of being a mother a women and a spiritual being.

SKF  Hertfordshire

I can’t tell you how much I have benefited from your life-coaching and astrology. I feel a completely different person to the one who made the initial call. As this year is progressing it is like a weight of negative energy is lifting from me and I feel much more like the real me!!! You have a gift in fact many gifts for leading, guiding and supporting people.

Phil  London

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life purpose