6 powerful ways to live a happier life

Blocks are not real they are just thoughts that have been in your head for ever. We all have them so where do our blocks come from. Here are 6 powerful ways to live a happier life.Thinking back to my childhood I was always being put down and told that I would not make anything of myself and that I was just average. I was and still am very creative and so I was good at music singing cookery art and design. These talents were seen as not as important as maths or science subjects. At age eleven we were told by the music class that we could learn the piano so along with my class mates we went and queued up to see the piano teacher. I was told that my hands were not big enough to be able to play the piano and was sent away. I still remember this and for many years it had an adverse affect on my life.  If this sounds like you then you may become afraid to try new things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Low self esteem is very common and I believe that we can clear our blocks and do almost anything we put our mind to. I know as I was that person. There may be other deeper blocks that are affecting you but all of them can be removed. To succeed you need to break the cycle. Blocks are not real; they are just thoughts that you keep on repeating to yourself. To make a shift you have to have the desire belief and intent that you can have a new happy and fulfilled life. It will take effort and you will have to do some work on yourself. So are you ready to give it a go? One of my favourite sayings is “If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got”

6 powerful ways to live a happy life

Six powerful ways to live a happier life

  1. One of the most powerful ways to remove your blocks is to have your astrology birth chart looked at. Understanding yourself with my help can uncover your blocks and then you can take steps towards removing them. Remember that knowledge is powerful and self knowledge is one of the keys to moving forward. From the birth chart you can see if change is easy or difficult for you. Are you a stubborn person and do you find it difficult to make a change or the opposite and so easy going that you don’t like making a decision and carry on doing the same old thing. You can also see what difficult issues you are dealing with in your life. We all have a wound of some kind and this can be spiritual, emotional or physical and I can see this too from your chart. Most of us bury these deep seated blocks and these issues can be the very reason that our life is not going according to plan.
  2. Therapy of some kind is a very powerful way to remove your blocks from your subconscious mind. You could try hypnotherapy or thought field therapy or family constellation work which is based on gestalt therapy. I can help you with removing your blocks by using the “Fast Track” technique. As its name suggests it is a safe and fast way to remove those blocks that are stopping your life from moving forward.
  3. Once we have identified your blocks and removed them it is time for the fun stuff. So using positive affirmations will help you change your mind set. Positive words are a must for re programming your subconscious mind. The left hand side of the brain relates to words so make them positive and not negative. An example might be “I believe in myself and my ability to manifest everything I want” or “my life is fantastic and everything in it is too”
  4. The right hand side of the brain is to do with pictures. Visualize your new life in full colour. Make it exciting and feel excited as you visualize your future as though it already exists. Some people say they cannot visualize but everyone can do it as we are doing it all the time. If I say to you think of a pink elephant, one will appear in your mind. If I was to say think of your husband, child or mother you would get a real sense of them. Do the same for your future life.
  5. Continuing on from doing visualisation is making a vision map. A vision map is just what it says. This a pin board full of pictures that reflect your new life. You can have a look at some on the services and programs page here on my website.
  6. Have you heard of “The Secret” which can be found in either book form or a DVD. Rhonda Byrne wrote the secret in 2006 and since then has gone on to write “The Power”, “The Magic” and her latest book is called “Hero” The concept of the Secret is all about how to use the law of attraction to enhance your life. If you want to know more just download my book here on my website which is called “Achieving your Life Purpose using the law of Attraction” I know if you follow these six powerful steps your life will change for the better. Do you want more help with your life? Your astrology chart will tell me where you are right now, so why not get in touch right now.                                                                                                     Bye for now.

Sue Fletcher

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