Amazing help for stress and anxiety

Tapping or EFT which is short for emotional freedom technique is becoming more and more popular as an alternative treatment. This really is amazing help for stress and anxiety and many more problems listed below. EFT was the brain child of Gary Craig back in the nineties. For more on his books and tools click this link.

Tapping is a reprogramming technique and it works on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. So how does it work? You tap on different parts of the body which are related to meridian lines. It is similar in principle to acupuncture but without the needles. It works on the chi in the body and stimulates the meridian points and frees up stuck energy. It also shows reduced cortisol levels in the body which then reduces stress and anxiety.

There is a lot of information on the internet and Jessica Ortner, co producer of the “The Tapping Solution” a documentary film that explores tapping has said “A regular tapping practice can create numerous physical and psychological benefits like increased circulation, deeper and more satisfying sleep, relaxation in muscles and joints, improved immune system function, digestion, and sport performance, and increased energy, mental clarity, and focus”

Amazing help for stress and anxiety


Amazing help for stress and anxiety

This is something you can do for yourself and there is a lot of information either on the internet or in books to help you learn and understand the process for yourself. You will learn where the tapping points are located in your body. At the same time as you are tapping you will be saying positive affirmations. If you don’t feel confident in doing it yourself you can find yourself an EFT practitioner who will do a treatment with you and teach you how to do it to. The tapping is done with your finger tips on acupressure points. There is a basic sequence to follow which is really easy to learn and should not take you very long to understand. It is like having your own medicine kit with you. The affirmations are related to the problem you are trying to clear. if you had back ache you would say “Even though I have back ache I completely love and accept myself” You would say this on every tapping point. To find out where the tapping points are and more about how it can help you visit

I would love you to try this great technique and let me know in the comment box how you get on. Also if you have not already read my book “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction” here is the link.

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