An easy way to start to manifest your dream life

If you have been reading my past blog’s, this is an easy way to start to manifest your dream life. What I am about to tell you may seem very simple and you may wonder how it can possibly have anything to do with manifesting the life of your dreams. Many years ago I went on a workshop on clutter clearing and how it could bring joy and happiness into my life along with new energy. I went home and put what we had learnt into practice. I was a little sceptical but as my life was not very good back then I decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Also it was not going to cost me anything but my time to put into action what I had learnt. Back then money was in short supply, my long term relationship was not going anywhere and my health was not very good either. It did work for me and my life did change for the better on all counts. I have to say that was the beginning of me looking at life from a different perspective and I went on to do other practices to make my life better. Most of them are documented in my blog’s. My website, on line programs and one to one consultations are all to show you how to have a better life. Clients usually come and see me when they are stuck in their life. If you have lots of clutter you will be stuck and so clearing the clutter will bring back a flow of energy into your life. If you have lots of clutter it will drain you every time you look at it or if you have to move it somewhere else in the house, garage or loft. Clearing your clutter will be like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The problem is that people have a false assumption that having their things around them makes them feel safe but subconsciously they are worried about moving forward in their life. Download my book “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction” for more tips on manifesting the life of your dreams.

an easy way to start to manifest your dream life

An easy way to start to manifest your dream life

Where does clutter hide

  • Handbags. Do you have old receipts, bits of tissue, old sweet wrappings in your handbag?
  • Your Car. The car is like your mini home so do you feel guilty when you give your friends a lift?
  • Your desk. Is your desk full of junk?
  • Your garage. Is your garage full of junk that is due for the junk yard?
  • Your loft. Is your loft full of junk? Are you looking after someone else’s junk?
  • Your book case. Lots of people find it hard to let go of books that they no longer need.
  • Cupboards and drawers. When was the last time you cleared out your cupboards and drawers?
  • Wardrobe. This is an obvious place for clutter to accumulate. Don’t forget what’s on top of the wardrobe.
  • Bathroom cabinet. is it time to get rid of all those pills and potions that have gone off?
  • Kitchen cupboards. Not only inside them but also on top of them.

This list isn’t exhaustive but it will give you an idea of where to start. if you would like to read a book on clutter clearing why not try “31 days to a clutter free life” by Ruth Soukup. Oh and make it a fun exercise and write a journal on your experiences and the benefits. Finally let me know in the comments box how you got on.

Bye for now

An easy way to start to manifest your dream life


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