As one door shuts another always opens

This week we had the winter solstice and traditionally this is the shortest day in the Northern hemisphere and signifies endings and new things bubbling up to the surface. As one door shuts another always opens and that is the reason I wanted to write about this time of the year, because it really does signify a time of new beginnings. It is the time when we consciously and unconsciously say goodbye to the past and the old year. This is a sacred magical time and it is a good time to reflect on this year but to also prepare for the next. The ancients understood the energetic shifts and celebrated the rebirth of the Sun in the Northern hemisphere and the life giving powers of the Sun of the Summer solstice in the Southern hemisphere. It is important for us to recognise whatever our beliefs that this is the time when we realize that the past is the past and it is time for us to think about crossing the bridge into the future.

Between now and the New Year and before crossing that bridge into the future it is a good time to reflect and give thanks for all the positive things that have happened this year. Writing these things down is a good exercise and it is also important for you to look at the negative experiences and try to understand how these experiences affected you and how you handled them.

It is important to forgive whatever or whoever has upset us in order for us to move on. You don’t necessarily have to tell the person directly. Just forgive them in your heart and it will work on a soul level. I believe that everything that we go through is helping us to grow as a person. Hopefully if you are reading this you agree with me. So process, write, bless and release the past as we come to the end of the year.

As one door shuts another always opens

As one door shuts another always opens

My mother always said to me “As one door shuts another always opens” and she was always right so move forward with confidence and love in your heart for what has passed  and what is about to enter your life very soon.

If you want to mark this time with more of a ritual you can meditate on the life giving energy that the Sun gives to us. Cleanse your home and give thanks for the fact that you are alive. Open the windows to let the old energy out and to allow the new in. Burn incense or ring bells or clap in the corners of the rooms. Wash your crystals if you have them and put them on the window sill over night and when in meditation hold one of them to your heart and make a sacred wish for your future to be bright and full of good experiences. Write yourself an affirmation that states that you already have good health, wealth, friends and happiness in abundance. Here is a link to a lovely book on affirmations called Attract Happiness Affirmations” by Stephens Hyang

Do this and you will be ready for your “New Year” resolutions when the time comes. If you want to know more about affirmations read my book “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction”

Have a wonderful Christmas and I will be back in 2016.

Sue Fletcher





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