Ask the universe magical things can happen

Are you aware that if you ask the universe magical things can happen? In other words ask and you will receive? Knock and the door will be opened. These are ancient laws. Over the last twenty years I have been experimenting with manifesting. It all started when my son took me back packing in the Far East. We spent two fabulous weeks travelling over land by bus taxi and boat from Malaysia up through Thailand exploring islands and the main land. One night we were talking and he said you know you can have anything you want, all you have to do is ask the universe and visualise what it is you want. At that time it seemed a strange thing to hear him say but I realize now that he was way ahead of his time and he was only in his early twenties. I wasn’t sure what he meant either. It’s funny as those words have always stayed with me and I have never forgotten them. Arriving back from my travels I could not get his words out of my mind and it was the start of my spiritual journey.

I decided to experiment and try it out for myself. I started by asking for small things and somehow they materialized. One of the things I desperately wanted was a computer. I did not have the money to buy one and it was in the early nineties when computers were big and cumbersome. Anyway I put my order in to the universe and began mentioning it to the people around me that I was looking for one. It only took about three weeks and a friend of a friend was having a new more up to date model. Yes you guessed it I had their old one which I have say I was blown away and I thought to myself it could have been a coincidence. Well they say there is no such thing as a coincidence. I tried with other things too and it always worked. I went on to learn more about creative visualisation and the law of attraction. I began teaching these subjects on a regular basis and it was great to be able to share my experiences with the students. Download my book on the law of attraction for more help and information on this amazing subject.

Ask the Universe and magical things can happen

Ask the universe magical things can happen

I even materialized my husband. I put a request into the universe for someone kind funny and generous and he appeared like a genie out of a bottle! After being on my own for many years it completely transformed my life for the better. How long did it take I can hear you asking? Well about seven weeks. I did do quite a few things to make this happen. I made it a goal and I wrote down exactly what kind of a man I was looking for. I also attended a Feng Shui workshop and I followed the steps I was taught on that workshop. I also had the opportunity to have the teacher come to my home and Feng Shui my apartment. I was asked what I would like to put my concentration into and I said a relationship. So I actually asked the universe for this new relationship. The universe needs to know what you want before it can give it to you. How you receive it is then up to the universe.

The definition of the law of attraction is “whatever we put our attention on either positive or negative is what we receive” The universal field of energy does not know the difference between positive and negative. That is why thinking positive as much as possible is important. I would love you to give it a try. What have you got to lose? Think of something you would like to materialize and write it down and give yourself a time limit. Seventy two hours to a week depending on what it is. You also need to tell other people what you are looking for. In other words you need to voice what you want to materialize in your life.

There are many books out there that can help you and I always like to mention a book that I have read and the Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale is a great book on this topic. Let me know how you get on. It really is fun and it is amazing really how easy it can be!

Bye for now

Ask the universe and magical things can happen

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