Ask the universe for a gift and transform your vibration.

I want to show you how to ask the universe for a gift and transform your vibration.  What does that mean? Well when we are happy our vibration is high and this alters the cells in our body. When you are not happy your vibration is having a negative effect on you. It is up to you make sure that your thoughts are positive. If you are thinking negative thoughts you will be vibrating at a lower frequency. Then you will not be in the flow of life and it will be harder to materialise the good things that are out there for you.

To think positive does not mean you are silly or weak. It is in fact the total opposite. If you choose carefully what to focus on and it is positive, then this way of thinking will only enhance your life. We are, in fact, divine, powerful creator beings, and yes, we are creating our lives in many ways, on many levels, in every moment. It is important not to control the vision too much otherwise you can prevent the flow of the universal energy working. Just visualize a wonderful life and being happy and then let it go so that the universe can bring you something better than you ever imagined. More on this is my book “Achieving your Life Purpose with the law of Attraction”

At the moment I am running one of my programs “Reveal your Life Purpose” On my program I teach you how to do affirmations and visualize for a better happier and fulfilled life. One of the tasks I set is to ask the universe for a gift. All participants were given a gift that they were not expecting. More on what happened to them later.

I do this myself and I asked the universe for a gift and gave a time limit of 48 hours. When I went for my regular massage my therapist gave me a present and when I opened the parcel it was a statue of an angel. On the bottom of it was written “the angel of Comfort” I then received another angel from another friend and this time it was a crystal angel. I then received another gift from another friend and it was a coin. On one side is an angels wing and it says “protected by angels” on the other is the world with angels flying around it. I thought about this and thought well I must be looked after by angels for me to receive so many references about them. I decided to ask the universe for some kind of proof so I asked out loud. If I am being looked after by angels then I want a sign that they are around me. I said “within the next 48 hours I want to see or hear someone mention angels to me”. So I may see something on the TV or in a magazine or on a bill board or someone will mention angels to me. The very next day my friend came round to see me and her work is involved with past life regression. I have to say she has never talked to me about angels before and I have known her for many years. Out of nowhere she mentioned angels and I looked at her in disbelief as this was the morning after I had asked for some proof that angels were indeed looking after me. She asked me why I was looking at her so shocked and I told her the story and she agreed it was quite an amazing story and one that I should write about.

Ask the universe for a gift and transform your vibration

As I mentioned before I asked the participants of my program to ask for a gift. The very next morning one of them sent a picture to show me what her gift was and it was a tray of cakes. Apparently the butcher next to where she worked came into her shop and said here is your present as though he knew she was waiting for it. She was so excited and could not wait to tell me. Another was given a free reading and a mantra. One of the others visualized for a car as the car had given out. They could not afford an expensive car but visualized anyway. Within a week they had found a car and been given £10,000 as a gift to buy it.

Positive daily affirmations to start your day

When you wake up what is the first thought that comes into your head? Is it negative or positive? Do you think “Brilliant today is going to be another adventure” or do you think “It’s bound to be the same old boring day” or something similar. As I have mentioned in previous blogs we live in a vibrational universe and so thoughts become things.  Therefore as you can imagine having positive happy thoughts when you wake up in the morning is going to bring more good things into your life. The trouble is we get stuck in bad habits and if you are a half glass person and not a half full person this may be quite difficult for you to change these habits of a lifetime. The first thing you do when you open your eyes is to say an affirmation. For instance “I am happy and today will be a great adventure” You can use your own words. Say this to yourself over and over again. You are now setting your intention for the day. While you are saying the affirmation imagine that you are having a happy exciting and fun day with lots of surprises along the way. Here are some daily affirmations to try.

You can probably tell that I am passionate about “Life Purpose” so on June the 8th at 19.30BST  I am giving a Free gift to you which is a seminar called  “Discover your Destiny Code” Watch my video above to learn more about it. Register here to join me “Discover your Destiny Code”

I am looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Bye for now

Sue Fletcher

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