Can astrology reveal Life Purpose?

Over the years of being an astrologer I can see that our lives follow a definite path and if we have the desire and courage to follow that path it will eventually lead us in the right direction. So can astrology reveal life purpose? I can see this by my clients astrology chart and especially my children’s charts who are both now in their late forties. Go and have a look at my astrology website for more information. I think we can play it safe and do something just to pay the bills and I had to do this for many years while bringing up my two children on my own. I did work that showed up my communication skills as I was a representative for quite a few companies which to a certain extent I enjoyed. My communication skills are highlighted in my astrology birth chart. Now I use my communication skills in my work so nothing we do is wasted each experience builds on the last one. Everyone has something that they enjoy doing. If we have a talent for something we think everyone else can do it which is not always true as it is unique to you. You have been given that talent to use while you are here in this lifetime. Maybe you cannot use your talent in your career but you may be able to use it as a hobby. Like singing and acting for instance. Both can be performed in amateur groups.

Can astrology reveal Life Purpose ?

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 Can astrology reveal Life Purpose?

There is a pattern to life that is our potential unfolding. You are here to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. Of course we do have free will so nobody is forcing you but I think that your higher self is always calling you but are you listening? Where the Sun is in your birth chart tells me what your life revolves around. There are twelve houses in the birth chart and each one represents a different area of your life. So if the Sun is in the tenth house of career, your career will be the one of the most important things in your life. What sign of the Zodiac your Sun is in gives me another clue. All the sun signs have different characters. So Aries which is the first sign of the zodiac is a pioneer, someone who always needs a project, someone who wants to win and be the best at what they do. They want to be in control of any given situation so they make good leaders and work well on their own. Your Sun connects to other planets and this gives me more information about your heart’s desire. There are ten planets in your birth chart all in different places and all connecting to other planets. This also gives me more clues to your life purpose. I have tried to make it simple for you to understand as obviously there is a lot more to your life direction using your astrology chart than I have mentioned here, but I hope it gives you some understanding of how astrology can reveal your life purpose. The birth chart tells your story, the story of your life which I still find very profound.

If you follow your heart’s desire like I did, you will have your own great adventure. You will be led to exactly where you need to be to shine light in the world. If you look back at some of the key events that have happened in your life you’ll see a pattern emerging. Go to my astrology website for more information on astrology. Go and look at my Astrologer Sue Fletcher face book page and read my astrology posts and leave me a comment. Bye for now and in the meantime grab a copy of my Ebook “Achieving your life purpose with the Law of Attraction”

Sue Fletcher

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