Astrology and Coaching Consultation

Person connected to the heavens stars and planets with arms around the people below on earthBy having an astrology or a coaching consultation and looking at your birth chart I can see what your life purpose should be.
As an astrologer the birth chart gives me inside information that normally a life purpose coach will not have access to.

With my astrologer’s hat on, I can look at a chart and find what someone loves to do. The sun sign shows the vocation, the calling, the life purpose, so when I look at your birth chart it is like looking at an x-ray of the inner you. The sun represents your heart’s desire and what you want from life. There is more to it than that but the sun is the most important planet and I feel it also represents the soul of a person. if you would like an astrology consultation have a look at my astrology website.

So what is a life purpose coach, how can it help you ?

Having a coaching consultation with me will provide help and support for you to perform at your best through individual assistance. I will help you change and motivate you and then guide you to keep growing as the unique individual you are so you can fulfill your life purpose. You will also receive an astrology consultation from me through this process.

Successful achievement begins with knowing what it is that you are setting out to achieve. The reason that a life purpose coach is so effective is that it allows you to gain whatever you want out of life quickly. It shows you that you are capable of having, doing or being anything that you desire.

When we decide we want to start a new project we may take ages to get started. Having a coaching consultation with me will move you forward towards your intended goal much quicker than if you are left to your own devises. That is due to us both setting goals from session to session. For instance you may need some training to do what you want to do. So the goal for that particular session could be to find out how to go about the training etc. If you were left to do this on your own it could take a month to find out. With me as your coach you will do this in a few days. This then means you can move onto the next stage of the project which I will coach you on too. It is really powerful having someone mentoring and supporting you, as you reach your intended goal much faster.

I work with you to help guide and support you to achieve these phenomenal goals.

Having a Coaching Consultation with me will help you to:

coaching consultation

  • Find your Life Purpose.
  • Show you how to achieve & enjoy your Life purpose.
  • Experience manifesting techniques that work.
  • Improve relationships, career and other areas of life.
  • Identify blocks and remove them so you can be your authentic self.
  • Align actions with your beliefs
  • Become aware of your potential for happiness.

How to schedule a coaching consultation

• Step 1 – Send me an email to with your contact details including email address, phone number and skype address.

• Step 2 – Arrange a short telephone/skype conversation to find out what area of your life you would like me to help you with. This will clarify for both of us what you want and expect from the coaching consultation.

• Step 3 – Fee is £60 per hour to be arranged and paid for by a secure link. This needs to be made to secure a consultation

• Step 4 – Arrange a time and date for the coaching to take place.


The image of an astrology chart which helps when you have a coaching consultation

For an Astrology Consultation see my other website.

My objective is to teach others that change is possible and necessary for us to grow as people and even if it feels uncomfortable it will be okay. Using astrology makes me realize that there is a bigger picture for all of us including myself. It doesn’t really matter if you come for an astrology consultation or a coaching consultation or join one of my programs. Whichever one you choose will help you understand yourself on a deeper positive level and this is surely the way forward.

Please note that all consultations are private and confidential.


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