How to find the freedom to be yourself

For most of us there is a need to be free.  Free from constraints and being told what to do.  This can be to do with any areas of our life. On the other hand there is also a need for emotional and material security. The need for security compromises the urge to be free. Putting up with the wrong career path or relationship and staying with the devil we know can be stifling.There will be times in our life especially in our late 30’s to mid 40’s when we will feel the need to break free of what is not making us happy. Something has to change or shock us in order to free us. We then attract change and the unexpected into our lives.

How to find the freedom to be yourself

How to find the freedom to be yourself

During our life and up to this point we have lived with certain values and beliefs. These we first put in place very early on, in the womb, at birth, early childhood and so on.  The problem is that these values and beliefs are not yours as they belong to mum, dad, school the media etc.  In your late 30’s to mid 40’s you suddenly have a realization that certain parts of your life are really to do with other people and that you have conformed in order to have a secure and stable life. I can see from your astrology birth chart what is stopping you from having the freedom to be yourself and how to change the mindset that you have had for far too long. I can also tell you when is the best time to make these important changes which is very exciting. It is really important not to jump from the frying pan into the fire at this time.  Overall this is a great time to introduce something fresh new and exciting into your life. The trick is to be aware of what is wanting to shift at this time. This is where I come to help you pinpoint the right time to make the changes needed so you can be free but also have material security so you have the best of both worlds. As an astrological transformation coach I can see where your talents lie and the best time to start something new. Contact me, read my blog, newsletter and posts to help you stay positive at this important time in your life. Don’t forget to download my ebook “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction”

Sue Fletcher

PS Go to this Osho link to be inspired by his philosophy and  look at his book on Amazon entitled “Freedom:The Courage to be Yourself”


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