How to find a new direction in life

Are you stuck in your life? Now is the time to move on.

Hi it’s Sue again with some thoughts on why we should not stay in unhappy situations and how to find a new direction in life. If we stay in unhappy situations it will slow down our energy, motivation and fun in life. When you feel really good about your life it is much easier to access positive energy, make an action and move forward. Most of us stay in “stuck in a rut” situations far too long, thinking it will get better and improve. Usually circumstances do not change. This can be to do with any area of your life. One of these may be your career or job. There is the right time to make a change but how do you know. Well you could use your intuition or gut feeling. Everyone can learn to tap into this deep knowing but do we listen or do we continue with a life that is not right for us? Maybe your career is fine but you are not happy in your relationship. This can be another area of your life you may be unhappy with, and then this can hold you back from your full potential. How to find a new direction in life is part of all the new changes that the collective in the world are having to accept. To make the steps to change your life may seem difficult but I can help you find the best way forward for you. I can provide support and insights into your life’s journey.If you are not being supported in either of these areas of life or another area you will not be living at the right vibration to be healthy happy and fulfilled. I know as I did the same thing when I was much younger. For more help download my ebook “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction”. It may seem easier to stay with what you know, but if it is harming your health it is not the right thing to do. As an astrologer I can see the right time to make the changes needed for your happiness and future.

How to find new direction in life

How to find a new direction in your life.

So how do you change this mind set. Number one is to decide to make that much needed change! Put it out to the universal power. The universe cannot give you what you want unless you know what you want. How do you know? Astrology can tell you the right time to make a change in your life. Have a look at my astrology website There are times in your life when the energy is perfect for you to move on in certain areas of your life. You can use other ways too. When I met my husband I found myself on a great workshop on how to move forward and at the same time I had someone come to my home who used Feng Shui to change the energy in my home. At that time I wanted to concentrate on relationships and so my Feng Shui expert told me the things I had to do to change the energy to be able to bring new energy into my relationships. Seven weeks later I met John who is now my husband. I had been without a positive relationship for 20 years. The reason I think it worked for me was that I made a conscious decision to change my life. I went on the workshop and I enlisted the help of a Feng Shui consultant. If you are putting it out there and voicing your intention your voice is heard. There are some good books on Feng Shui out there. You may like to look at Lillian Too’s website as she is an international teacher of Feng Shui and has many books on the subject such as  her one on “Spiritual Feng Shui”  So decide how you want your life to be and make an action like I did to prove to the universe that you mean it. Once it is out there let the Universe bring your new life to you. Focus on how you would like your life to look. Then leave it to the universe. Contact me if you feel it would help, read my book and get the right people around you.

How to find new direction in life

How to find new direction in life

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