Use these amazing FREE resources so you can learn how to use the law of attraction to inspire you towards living a fulfilled life. 

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Living a Fulfilled life and Achieving your Life Purpose 

with the Law of Attraction

Book cover with rainbow and trees with Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction by Sue Fletcher Astrological transformation coachThe first gift is an eBook entitled “Achieving your Life Purpose with the Law of Attraction“.  This eBook shows you how to use the law of attraction in your daily life and is about living a fulfilled life in line with your life purpose.

I believe that we all have a life purpose that we are meant to be living.

If you find yourself on this website then maybe you are trying to find out what your life purpose is but you are not sure how to go about either discovering your purpose and then how to live a life of purpose.  This book will inspire and help you to do this.

My 6 week program “Reveal your Life Purpose” is a great place to continue your journey of self development. This program is constantly changing peoples life and in such a short space of time. On the program you will find out who you are and what makes you happy and fulfilled. You do receive my input and a full astrology report on what your strengths are and how you can use them in your life. You owe it to yourself to spend some time on your life and I can make that happen for you. Have a look at my personal development page to see the options.



Law of Attraction Daily Affirmations

open video box and on the front are hands out stretched with the Law of attraction and daily affirmations written on the front.Your second free gift is a short DVD entitled “Law of Attraction Daily Affirmations”.  You can play this every day to keep yourself motivated, positive and on track.

Affirmations are the statements we make about ourselves. Affirmations are written in a way that whatever you have written is already true even if it isn’t. You can write your own list of affirmations out. They should start with the words  I am or I have…For instance you could have “I am living a fulfilled life” as one of them. Or I have an amazing life filled with abundance and fulfillment. Place them everywhere. Put them in a drawer and in your purse, on the fridge and on your pin board. Write each affirmation 10 to 20 times. In this way the affirmation goes into our subconscious as every time we see the message it becomes our reality. Try it and see?

Writing affirmations is a very dynamic technique because the written word has so much power over our minds. We are both writing and reading them all at the same time, so it’s like a double hit of energy.


Play this free video each and every day and re program your mind. Try it and see how you feel after three weeks. What have you got to lose?

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