Gratitude is linked to a successful life

You may be asking how it is that gratitude is linked to a successful life. How can it actually make your life more successful. In my last blog I listed gratitude as one of the key components to using the law of attraction successfully. Well gratitude means being thankful for what you do have in your life. Even small things in our life are blessings. It is about counting your blessings and acknowledging everything that you receive on a daily basis from everyone around you and the people you meet. If you have not read my book yet “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction” go and get your copy. It is important to live your life as if everything is a miracle and being so thankful every day for how many good things happen to you. The more you practice this the more your life will improve. It has been proven that it makes people happier and it improves relationships, health and all areas of life. If we go around moaning that life is not fair that is what we will get.

Gratitude is linked to a successful life

Gratitude, is linked to a successful life

So how can you develop the practice of Gratitude? Well some people have a journal that they fill in at the end of every day. You can buy your own notebook and make it personal to you or you could get a copy of the “Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude” which was made famous by Sarah Ban Breathnach . You can get a copy at

At the end of each day write down all the wonderful things that have happened  to you in the day. It could be a child’s smile or someone may have done something for you that you were not expecting. You could be happy about your children and family. A friend may have bought you a surprise gift. A complete stranger may have been nice to you. People usually take for granted the good things that are already present in their lives. Think about the good things that you already have and how you would feel if they were taken away. There is a saying that you never miss anything until it is gone.

There has been lots of research about this topic and how it can improve your life. One such person who has written a book called “Gratitude works” a 21 day program for emotional prosperity; is Robert Emmons. Go to this website to read more and listen to what Robert has to say on his you tube clips. Robert is the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude so if you are really interested in how his research material books and videos can help you, go and have a look. Robert along with Michael McCullough who are both psychologists wrote an article about an experiment they conducted on gratitude and its impact on being a more happy and successful person. They took three groups of people taken from several hundreds of volunteers. They all kept a diary but were all told to do something different. The first group were asked to write any events that happened during the day neither good or bad. The second group were asked to write down everything that was not very nice and things that had gone wrong. The third group were asked to write down things that happened to them that they were grateful for. The last group were reported to have less stress, were happier and more energetic and alert. They were more enthusiastic. determined and energetic and their lives were more fulfilled.

Try it for yourself what have you got to lose.

Bye for now

Sue Fletcher



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