How do you build a positive mindset?

Today my blog is on how do you build a positive mindset. Have you ever had the pleasure of lying on your back and looking up at the sky and contemplating the clouds? They are constantly changing colour, shape and size. Sometimes they are puffy and white and float around in the blue sky in dazzling whiteness. Suddenly and without warning, they appear to take on grey angry looks and become storms that can build up to an intensity that produces lightening, thunder and natures vengeance. We marvel at their beauty and their power. As quickly as the storm develops it returns to its peaceful state and the clouds once again float past without a care in the world.

Our lives can be like the clouds as we learn techniques to help us deal with whatever circumstances come away. We, like the clouds can learn to adapt to the conditions around us and even to thrive in the storms of life. Our true potential can be seen not in the calm days we face, when there are few problems in our world, but in the inevitable storms of life.

When we allow frustrations and problems dictate how we feel about life we will often feel defeated and hopeless. When we take the opportunity to develop resources that help us weather those storms and even to find the inner strength to overcome the storms, we can face them with a new determination to grow through them and not be defeated by them.

The key to building this inner strength is to understanding that just as a thunderstorm passes, so will the difficult situations we are facing in life. Every situation we find ourselves in, will only last a few hours or a few days, maybe even as little as a few minutes. With patience and perseverance, we can ride the storm and enjoy its fruits as the earth does when a storm has ended. I always say to myself “in a hundred years it will not mean anything” as we will all be somewhere else. For more help read my book “Achieving your Life Purpose with the law of attraction”

Perhaps you are facing a tough situation right now. It may even be the result of something that is a potential failure, the result of a poor choice or bad decision. The key is to understand that the resources to deal with the situation are within you. You can learn from your mistakes and grow from them. A baby learns to walk by falling over and standing up again. As adults sometimes we need to learn from the baby and take risks that will make us strong.

Positive thinking young woman. Success and happiness background.

How do you build a positive mindset

How do you build a positive mindset

How do you build a positive mindset? First of all, you have to remember, attitude happens on two different levels.  There is a big attitude and then there is a small attitude. The big attitude happens over a period of a lifetime. If you are 15, 20, 50, or 80 years old, it has taken that long to build your big attitude.  All of your experiences, everything you have thought about, all the things you have done through your life, build that big perspective.You have heard individuals talk about the glass being half full or half empty, whether someone is a pessimist or an optimist.  Well, that’s the big attitude, and it is developed through your whole life experience. You are however able to change it!  Your choice of focus makes the difference. Your brain can only think one direction at a time. I can be thinking about good stuff or I can be thinking about bad stuff.  It is a choice. I can be thinking about how things haven’t worked for me and all that’s wrong and the problems I have had and how everything always sucks. Or I can focus on possibilities.  There are things I can do. I can learn new things. I can take my life in a new direction.  I can build better relationships. I can make my life go a certain way. I can build an unstoppable mindset!

On my program “Life Purpose Revealed” I will teach you the skills so you can make your life a happy fulfilled positive experience. My next program starts on September the 6th. If you are interested look at my program page and listen to Kate who has done the 6 weeks and then you can change your life too.

Finally I always like to recommend a book on the subject I am writing about so here is a link to 10 positive thinking books for you to choose from. Please leave me a comment if you like my blog as it is always great to receive feed back. Till the next time.

Bye for now

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Sue Fletcher

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