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My name is Sue Fletcher and I have been helping clients change their life using their horoscope for over twenty three years. Over the years clients have always asked me what is my life purpose. I am passionate about helping them discover their talents and then showing them how they can use those talents each and every day so that I can show them how to bring meaning into their life. Everyone of us is good at something and it has been such a journey for me to find exactly what it was that made me feel fulfilled and happy. It wasn’t until I learnt about my own horoscope chart all those years ago that I finally understood myself and what I was capable of. I don’t think you can help people unless you have had your own life experiences. I had a rough start losing my father in the early fifties when I was only six years of age. We were poor through no fault of our own and so my childhood was full of many challenges. Through the work I have done on myself over the years I realize that I was meant to go through those life lessons to become the person I am today.

I had always been very alternative and thinking differently to other people. In the early seventies I was visiting a herbalist throwing my aluminium saucepans away and going to see an osteopath which was unheard of in those days. So it wasn’t really surprising that I began to study Astrology in my forties and this changed my life. This immediately gave me insights into what my gifts and talents were. I realized very quickly from my own horoscope chart that I had talents for writing, teaching, inspiring and motivating people. I also realized that alternative ways of healing were also part of my gifts and thinking back to when I was visiting the herbalist and osteopath in the seventies it had always been there. Astrology shows your Life Purpose and it soon became a passion of mine. Helping clients discover their purpose using personal development and using the information from their horoscope and putting them on the right path has made me happy and fulfilled. It’s when I am at my best because that is my Life Purpose…

So how did I get to help clients find their life purpose and meaning? It was way back in the mid nineties when my life was at a really low point. I was in a bad relationship which I had been in for eleven years which was going absolutely nowhere. I was sleeping in my lounge on a camp bed as my bedroom had been flooded and was completely destroyed. I realized I had to change my life as my health was not good due to the stress of it all. Money was tight and I was off sick too. I had the opportunity to go on a weekend workshop which was paid for by a family member. This workshop was about changing your life.

Your horoscope is a personal development tool

Every moment is a fresh beginningThat weekend completely changed my life and afterwards I wanted to teach personal development myself although at that time I had no teaching qualifications but it did say in my horoscope that I had the potential to transform lives with teaching and sharing knowledge. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Within two months of that weekend workshop my whole life changed. The goals I set that weekend were profound and huge and I was desperate to make changes to my life in a positive way. We were told to be creative and go for it however out of reach the goals felt. One of my goals that I put down was to have a new relationship with a man who was kind generous funny and spontaneous. It was time to have a new relationship in my life. I met John who is that man and who is now my husband two months after the workshop!!!


The week I met John I had two dreams telling me I was about to meet someone new. As an astrologer I looked at my horoscope chart and found a transit aspect indicating a major new love affair and one that was to last and be good for both of us. Suffice to say I have accomplished the rest of those huge profound goals which were on the list and I still have the list to prove it. Take a look at my astrology website and if you want an astrology reading please get in touch with me so we can have a chat on how I can help you give you more meaning to your life.

Understanding yourself through your horoscope will help your personal developmentTwo years before I met John I was at Bedford College studying counselling and doing the diploma for two years. It really helped me understand my life and the lives of others too. Later on I went and studied life coaching which concentrates on the future which I really loved and again I could use these new found skills to help my clients with their future.

I was told by my astrology tutor that I should teach, motivate and transform people’s lives. This was determined from my horoscope. I never thought at that time that I would end up doing just that. I found myself back at Bedford College learning how to teach and train people and in the end I was at that college for seven years. It doesn’t matter that I am in Bedford, UK as now with the internet I can help people all over the world which I am able to do.

Learning astrology has been such a gift to me and I thank the universal energies for giving me that opportunity. Along the way I have also learnt other ancient arts that show me what people’s life purpose is. With my life’s experiences I am able to use all my skills to fine tune a clients Life Purpose. Then I use the coaching along with personal development tools to get them on their chosen path and onto their destination. Is it the right time for you to stop asking yourself what is the meaning to your life. If so come and join me on an exciting journey of self discovery.


This image shows that Sue Fletcher has successfully passed and completed Karen Knowler,s "Online groups training intensive"


  • Life Coaching Diploma
  • Counselling CSCT Diploma
  • Teaching City and Guilds 7307 (1+2)
  • NVQ4 in Training and Development
  • Astrology Practitioner

This image shows butterflies which are a sign of transformation

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