Planet earth needs positive help immediately

My last blog went out the day before the attacks in Paris. The title of that blog was “How to “stay positive in a mad crazy world. So I know that planet Earth needs positive help immediately. After the attacks in Paris it is even more important for us all to stay focused and positive. You may be saying to yourself “what can I do?” One of the things we can do is not to think that we are the victims. Love light and group meditation can definitely help the situation that we find ourselves in. We have proof that mass meditation can help heal the world. We all have more power than we think. If enough of us think positive we can change the outcome. There have been many studies that suggest; when a large group of people hold a positive intention it really does alter the outcome. For more information have a look at the link to read more about this phenomenon.

We create our own reality and it is time to create a new positive reality. I mentioned in my last blog that the media have a lot of power to induce fear into the people. I also said I don’t watch the news as it is depressing. This negative news is on in every country in the world and so it gets large groups of people to think in a negative way which then becomes our reality. What I am saying is that we can do the opposite and all think positive. We can make a choice of living in fear or focusing on love peace and harmony. Which one will it be?

planet earth needs positive help immediately

Planet Earth needs positive help immediately

There are groups out there in the world who are already doing this. One such group which I belong to is called “The Grandmothers” and they are connected to “the net of light” and there is lots more information on their website. There have been around for many years and are constantly asking for more men and women to join them although there are more women than men. The grandmothers are a form of the divine and they appeared to Sharon Mcerlane when she was taking her dog for a walk early one morning. The premise for the appearance of the grandmothers to Sharon on that day is to gather as many like minded people together and to change the energy on our planet to one of harmony and bliss. This is due to the Yin and Yang energies being out of balance. There is far too much male energy and not enough female energy. This has placed the Earth in danger. There is a need for women to be empowered so they can bring the planet back into harmony.

There are now three books that have been written by Sharon Mcerlane about the grandmothers. The first one is called “A Call to Power” written in 2006. This tells the story of Sharon’s encounters with these wise women and the important message that they bring. The second book is called “Our Love is our Power” which came out in 2009 and the third book has only just been released and is called “Casting the Net” Each woman who receives the Grandmothers empowerment is helping infuse the much-needed energy of yin into the earth by embodying this consciousness herself.

The Grandmothers Empowerment

Every woman and man who receives the Grandmothers empowerment will help to bring more yin energy into this planet and then they will embody the consciousness themselves. This new energy will give the recipient a feeling of peace and security. It also increases the power of love and they become a blessing to others. There is an empowerment ceremony which is passed on from one person to another and there is no charge for this. The ceremony makes the experience stronger but it is not necessary and you can receive it just by reading the book. If you would like more information there is more on the Net of Light website.

If we become involved in a group such as the Grandmothers we feel like we are doing something practical to help the world at this time in history. It is a time of great change on our planet earth that we call home. If you feel inspired please help in whatever way you can. If you want to ask me a question on anything please leave it in the comments.

If you would like a copy of my book Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction” here is the link.

Till the next time.

Bye for now

Sue Fletcher





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