Raise your vibration now with these ten great tips

If you are positive your vibration will be higher but how can you raise your vibration now with these ten great tips? Raising your vibration will make it easier to live a life of purpose. There are lots of ways to raise your vibration although it is not necessary to do all of them every day. Choose some that you find easy at first and then add the harder ones later. Mix and Max have fun and see how you feel. Write a journal and monitor how your life changes and which ones make a positive difference.

Raise your vibration now with these 10 great tips

Raise your vibration now with these ten great tips

  1. Eating the right food is going to make a difference to your vibration or to how you vibrate. Try to eat unprocessed foods, highly coloured fresh fruit and vegetables. When eating an onion choose a red one or when eating potato choose sweet potato. As a general rule when you have a choice of fruits and vegetables the darker ones are better for us. Another example will be red cabbage instead of white. If you can afford organic so much the better. Try juicing and add raw beetroot which is really good for you. Eat as many live foods a day as possible and monitor how you feel. Drink pure clean water as often as you can as an adult is made up of roughly 70% of water it is important to stay hydrated.
  2. We all know exercise is good for us and it is the buzz word which is good news. Regular exercise raises the serotonin levels in your brain which will help to raise your vibration. Try walking more and take the stairs instead of a lift and if you do not like prolonged exercise try interval training which is one minute of intense exercise and one of a much lower intensity. It is also called HIIT training which is high intensity interval training. Google this to find out more about interval training. I do this on a bike at the gym as I am not a natural exerciser. I do 12 minutes of one minute intense and one at a much lower intensity. It suits my body type and you may find that this type of exercise suits you better too.
  3. Meditation is a great way to increase your vibration. I went on a silent retreat for a week and when I left we were told to drive carefully as it would take time to get back into a normal vibration which was so true. When I left I felt I was in a different space to everyone. I was with my daughter and we both said we felt as though we were floating and that we were invisible. It was a wonderful feeling and the people who live at the retreat experience this higher vibration all the time.
  4. Music in all its forms can raise your vibration. You could listen to some beautiful music or you could sing or play an instrument. When I sing I feel different and I can feel that my vibration is changing. I recently went on a one day workshop on the singing bowls and the gongs and I can honestly say I felt in a different space. It involved us laying down and allowing the sound to wash over us all. There is also music now that you can buy on a DVD that alters your brain waves.
  5. Thinking in a positive way can raise your vibration. So how can we do this for ourselves? Using positive affirmations will change your thinking and in turn change your vibration. An affirmation means to validate to make firm. An affirmation is a sentence that you put together as though it has already happened. So for example let’s take an area of your life that you want to improve. Your may be having a problem with the work area of your life. The affirmation could be “I love my job so much” You can write anything that you feel is a positive statement to do with the area of life that is a problem. If you download my book “Achieving your life purpose using the law of attraction” you will find lots of help on how to use affirmations.
  6. Using creative visualisation is another way to raise your vibration. Visualize your life in positive pictures as though it has already happened. Download my book “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction” for help on how to make this work for you. Watch the DVD “The Secret” or buy the book of the same name.
  7. Do something that makes your soul sing and where you lose all track of time. There will be a hobby or interest that you are passionate about. This is an innate part of you and it will be so easy for you to get involved with. Make time for whatever it is that inspires you and see how you feel when you are involved with this pastime.
  8. Crystals are full of energy and surrounding yourself with them or carrying one with you will help to raise your vibration. Find yourself a crystal therapist and go and experience how wonderful it can be to have a treatment. Wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery. Put a quartz crystal near your computer to help the magnetic energy. Put little quartz crystals in the four corners of a room as a form of protection.
  9. Reiki is another way to change your vibration. Reiki can be used not just for healing but for everyday matters too. You can use Reiki to alter the vibration in a room or house. When moving into a new house you can use Reiki energy to clear blocked energy which affects your vibration. These are just a few things you can do to change your vibration. Let me know how you get on and don’t forget you can leave a comment below.
  10. Lastly, sun light, fresh air, and being in the nature are important for your vibration. I am putting these three together as I think they are all part of the same thing. Being with trees and nature can also raise our vibration. You’ve heard the saying “hug a tree” It has now been scientifically proven that hugging a tree is good for you. Apparently if you stand near a tree you will receive its benefits. It can help with stress, depression and concentration levels to name a few and as you can imagine this in turn will change your vibration. Walking on the grass with bare feet has a similar affect. Sunlight and fresh air too are so necessary for us to feel alive and connected to a higher vibration. I hope that you can take away with you some of the above tips to improve your life. Leave a comment or a question and I will try and give you an answer and don’t forget to grab my book “Achieving your life purpose using the law of attraction”

Raise your vibration with these ten great tipsSue Fletcher


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