September is a month of great change

September is a month of great change for the planet and for us all. This is a time when we will experience energetic shifts that will tune us into a higher level of consciousness. This shift in consciousness will bring about a greater awareness of our life purpose at this time. For some of us this may be quite an intense time where we are being guided to help others in their lives.

We are being asked to have a different understanding of the world and you may have experienced a spiritual awakening. If so your intuition, healing and psychic abilities will become stronger and as you shift your experience of how the world works, will change too.

Three times a year the planet Mercury goes retrograde and today is one of those times.

(Retrograde means it looks as though it is going backwards) Traditionally when Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde it can be a time when letters get lost, contracts go missing and people get the wrong end of the stick. Yes this can happen but there is also another side to Mercury retrograde which I think is really positive especially in light of what is happening on the planet this month. This is a time to use the energies of Mercury to see what has not been working in your life and to basically sort it out. This is a time to clear any blocks that are holding you back. A time to change your beliefs and old programming that have been with you since childhood. There are lots of ways you can do this but first of all you have to be aware of your old beliefs and programming. It really is the right time for you to move forward and fulfil your life purpose. If you don’t have a copy of my book “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction” yet here is the link for you to grab a copy now.

September is a month of great change

September is a month of great change.

September is a month of great change and the 23rd of September is one of the key dates this month. The Equinox falls on this day signifying the end of the Summer and the start of Autumn in the Northern hemisphere and the opposite in the Southern hemisphere. This will be a day of healing the earth energies, balance and harmony. If it is possible for you; be outside as much as you can on that day. Connect to the earth and bury some crystals in your garden or in the park.Here is a link to some useful crystal books on the subject. We need to connect to the higher realms and the cosmos by meditating and going within asking for direction. If we do this in the right way we will be able to stay in our own power which is very important now.

The next date is September the 28th which is the date of the “Blood Moon Eclipse” and many people are saying that this will be the most significant day where the energies of the planet will have the most affect on our consciousness. This day holds a lot of power and energy. Our quest and mission is to heal the earth and open up others to a new way of being. This full “Blood Moon” eclipse, also known as a “Super Moon” is in the sign of Aries which is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is a cardinal fire sign and needs to be the best, so the energy is very raw and there will be a need to accomplish a lot. “Super Moons” are more powerful than a regular full moon and this is why it will be the beginning of a shift in consciousness enabling us all to experience major breakthroughs and can be a catalyst to jump our lives forward.

It is surely time for the world to change and we should all welcome peace and harmony on our planet and in our own lives. Around the planet many people are aware of this shift in consciousness. If we all meditate and hold positive feelings and energy during this month and especially on the 23rd and the 28th we will be helping shift the consciousness of the planet and ourselves to a higher level of vibration.

Sue Fletcher


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