A spiritual journey in Thailand

I recently went on a spiritual journey in Thailand the land of smiles. I spent six weeks in Thailand with friends and family over Christmas. For me Thailand always surprises me. Uranus the planet of excitement and the unusual runs through Thailand in my astro cartography map.  I have been many times and each time I have unusual experiences.  I arrived with a bad bout of Sciatica and through an unusual set of circumstances found myself having regular acupuncture & massage.  Thailand is a Buddhist country with other religions too. My practitioner, who is called “Ritchie” (not her real Thai name) was a Sagittarian.  I launched into what her life was about.  I said you will never stop learning and you will mix with foreigners and travel too. You may also live in a different country too” Ritchie agreed with me and said most of her clients were foreigners and she had done lots of study from a master and thought that she may live in Holland. Every visit I found out a little more about her life. So as she was putting needles into me and while one of her therapists was also massaging me we talked about how she had come to be doing the acupuncture and massage. Being Thai I never expected her to say that she had used the LOA, law of attraction to start her business. 

A spiritual journey in Thailand

A spiritual Journey in Thailand

I was so surprised to hear her story. I think she had always used the LOA to get what she wanted. Download my free eBook or leave me a message on my contact page and I will send it to you. In other words it’s a part of her life. Writing down how she wanted her life to be in every detail is what she does on a regular basis. Out of the blue a Thai man gave her the money to study acupuncture massage anatomy and physiology with a Thai master.  After finishing the years of study she was given some more money again out of the blue to find a place to work. Then came along someone who had had a terrible fall and could not walk. Ritchie with her Master worked very hard and the client called Rhia recovered fully and the two became good friends. Rhia & her husband helped her with painting and decorating and provided beds and mattresses to work on. Ritchie told me that she writes down a detail  story about how she wants her life to be in every detail. She then meditates on what she has written and prays until it becomes her reality. Ritchie goes to the temple to meditate and pray. I asked her what she did on her days off and she said that she meditates for 4 hours at a time. On the last but one visit while I was paying her for the massage I saw a piece of paper with an “Abraham Hicks title. To say I was even more surprised is an understatement. I had no idea that the L.O.A. was alive and kicking in Thailand, but it was. Many books have been written by Esther & Jerry Hicks on the teachings of Abraham in connection with the secrets of the law of attraction. One afternoon while I was having a treatment I heard squeals of delight from Ritchie and one of her massage therapists. Apparently they had won on the lottery around £300 which is quite a lot for a Thai person. Again Ritchie told me she had used the L.O.A . and of course it had worked for her.  I usually mention a book in my blog so as I have mentioned Abraham Hicks here is one for you to look at. Let me know how you get on and try it  out for yourself. It’s fun and you never know what you can materialise until you try.

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A spiritual journey in Thailand

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