Stay positive in a mad crazy world

Look at the TV news any time of the day or night and there is only bad news. So how do you stay positive in a mad crazy world? Well I don’t look at the news any  more as I feel I really don’t need to watch all the depressing happenings around the world. It is all around us anyway. Friends and relatives tell us what is going on and if you listen to the radio in the car or at home there is a news bulletin on the hour every hour. Then there are newspapers too. I don’t read newspapers either; as most of it is rubbish and is a biased view of everything that is going on. I feel much better not listening to the news and I feel it has made a difference to my day, as it has freed up the time that I used to watch it and  we cannot do very much about it anyway. I would rather concentrate on more positive things that are happening in the world. Wouldn’t it be great to have a news bulletin full of wonderful deeds that people are doing every day around the world. However we do have access to positive websites and I like to go and look at them. It renews my faith in human nature and makes me feel that there are some really good people out there in the world. Have a look at and I am sure it will make you feel happier just like it does me! Oh and read my book “Achieving your life purpose with the law of attraction” which will also inspire you to be more positive.

Stay positive in a mad crazy world

Stay positive in a mad crazy world

Here are some extra tips on how to stay positive in a mad crazy world.

  • Do you get stressed if you do not finish a daily job or project? Would it be so bad if you did it another day? Are people waiting for you to post that blog or finish that bit of work for them TODAY? Probably not as they have their own full life to deal with too.
  • Take time out. I have mentioned this before and I would strongly recommend that you spend some time in the day on your own. This is really beneficial to you and if you can make it a daily habit so much the better. Try and meditate or just close your eyes so you can reflect on your inner world.
  • Try not to take on other peoples stress and problems. If you have people around you who are negative try to get away from them for a while as it will surely affect you. Make a mental note of the people you speak to who regularly moan and play the victim. Do you really want to be around them? We can support them but if they don’t appear to make an effort to change themselves we cannot do it for them.
  • Help people when you can. Doing that kind deed, going that extra mile for someone and showing kindness will not only make you feel good but it will result in good deeds coming back to you too.
  • Do something regularly that you love to do. Singing, playing an instrument or walking in nature, swimming, playing with your pet, walking your dog.
  • Imagine that the world is a wonderful place to be and then it will be.
  • Read positive thinking quotes and books. Read something positive everyday.
  • Visualize a positive happy future whenever you feel a little blue, turn it around by thinking and being positive. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Think of all the good things in your life that you are thankful for. Make it a daily habit.

I always like to recommend a book that connects to my blog so you may be interested in a book called “How to stay sane in a crazy world” by Sophia Stuart.

Until next time

Bye for now.

Sue Fletcher


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