Stay positive no matter what

Today I wanted to write about how to stay positive no matter what happens in the world and in your life. This seems a tall order for most of us. I agree it is not easy. As most of you know as well as being a coach teacher and mentor I am an astrologer and I look at how the planets are affecting us every day. I write about it too on my face book page “Astrologer Sue Fletcher”  As an astrologer I can see that the slow moving planets have a huge affect on us all. This can affect world events and your own personal life too. Since 2012 we have all seen massive changes around the world with global warming, earth quakes, wars and famine in the middle east, people displacement and the financial crisis to name a few. This has been due to a Pluto square Uranus transit which will finally finish at the end of April this year.

The world will never be the same after what has happened in the last few years. Pluto has a habit of destroying everything that is no longer necessary and is known as the planet of transformation. Uranus is the planet of anarchy and rebellion and we have seen plenty of both since 2012. I have been very brief in my description of these planets but if you are interested in finding out more about it there is lots of information on the internet.

Stay positive no matter what

Stay positive no matter what

Even though this transit will finish at the end of April it does not mean that these changes will suddenly stop. They will continue as this is part of us moving into what lots of people are calling the Golden Age and actually although we live in uncertain times it is a time of opportunity and excitement and I believe we have been given the opportunity in this life time to make a difference. There are many ways this can play out for us, and that is why I think it is important to stay positive no matter what. Try and work with the positive energy as this is all part of the shift into a more holistic gentle yin world full of love and harmony. If you stay positive it will lead to the changes needed to restore our wonderful planet. We also have the opportunity to make this happen in our own lives.

We have ongoing planetary cycles and the next one which will affect us all this year will be the Saturn square Neptune. This first affected us last year and we experienced this energy at the end of November last year and it will be felt again mid June and finally all of September when it is likely to be at its strongest.

These two planets have very different energies and they both want different things. Saturn is about boundaries, duty and restriction and Neptune has no boundaries and is connected to illusion, lies and deceit. So knowing what and who to believe on the world stage will become more difficult to do during the next twelve months.

Saturn teaches us to look at life exactly as it is and not through rose coloured spectacles and so we have to be careful not to be taken in by the people who suppress the truth. Our illusions may be shattered but we will have to wake up to the real truth of what is going on. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and make excuses for the powers that be anymore and Saturn will demand that we do just that.

The times they are a changing and this year brings more upheaval for us to deal with. We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and we are navigating our way to the new frontier. Saturn is demanding that we structure our journey well and is helping to navigate our ride through the rapids. Neptune does not like to plan but is part of the new shift in the evolution of the earth. What happens on this trip is at the moment a mystery and that’s because Neptune is keeping us all guessing. That is why it is so important for us all to stay positive no matter what. We all need to be on course and determined to reach our destination whatever happens. Be strong and use the techniques in my book “Achieving your life purpose with the Law of Attraction to help you.

Please listen to what I have said about your own personal journey astrologically for all the Sun Signs for 2016 in relation to the two momentous astrology transits I have written about above.

Bye for now

Sue Fletcher





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