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I would like to highly recommend Sue’s life purpose course. It is so much more than finding your true purpose in life – it’s a journey of self discovery that leaves you inspired, confident and positive about your endless opportunities in life. You come out the course happy and content!

As a busy mum, unfulfilled in my career, with a poor work life balance I came across Sue’s course and knew it would give me the answers to the questions I’d often pondered in life such as ‘how can I be truly happy?’; ‘what career would be fulfilling so work is no longer a chore?’ And ‘what could I be really good at?’  The course answers all these questions and more. Along the way I discovered (via the interactive workshops, fun homework tasks and the amazing 1-2-1 astrology reading) that there were things within me that prevented me really going for what I want and now I’ve discovered the blocks holding me back I feel free to challenge and overcome these. It’s only been 2 weeks since the course finished but I already feel more at peace with my life and certain about what is going to make me happy in the future. I am very grateful to Sue for ‘opening these doors’ for me and wouldn’t hesitate to do further work with her in the future. Sue really is a fabulous, supportive and inspiring life coach. Clare, Romsey, UK

I can highly recommend the “Life Purpose Revealed” online program with Sue. It’s the best self developing course I ever been to. I was so surprised how much this online program has helped me, and it gave me amazing results in a short time. I am very satisfied! I feel that I have a much better quality of life now!
Sue is a very clever coach and astrologer, and she really helps you with all her heart – beautiful lady!
I am very happy and thankful that I came across this online program, and I really recommend it to everyone. Even if you know what to do in life, it makes you have an even better quality of life!
Also the birth chart which is included is amazing. I now know what to work with in the future, and I also got great advice on how to manage my challenges.
If you are unsure if you should join Sue’s program, I can just say; “do it, as you will not regret it!” 🙂
Lise, Norway

I highly recommend Sues course, it has helped me at a much deeper level than I first thought after the free seminar. It gives you the necessary insights in where to go with your life, what to do and which seeds you need to plant and when. It helps you stay on track with your unique Life Purpose.This is no ordinary course, this course helps you to search the answers from within and the confirmation from the birth chart reading, coaching and support from Sue is amazing. The goal setting is towards the end and is fun and finally you can actually believe they will come true. Sue gives you all the resources.Don’t miss this opportunity If you are in a “transit phase” in your Life and really do not know which direction to go or you need adjustments and confirmations. Eva, Norway, the picture below was done for me by Eva Foss as a thank you after she finished the “Life Purpose Revealed” program with me.

Picture of poppies done in water colors which was a gift from Eva who completed the 6 week on line course with Sue.


I can’t tell you how much I have benefited from your life-coaching and astrology. I feel a completely different person to the one who made the initial call. As this year is progressing it is like a weight of negative energy is lifting from me and I feel much more like the real me!!! You have a gift in fact many gifts for leading, guiding and supporting people.

Phil, London

Thank you so much for a really enjoyable inspirational workshop. I thought I would just let you know that I have completed my treasure map of my dream home in Suffolk. I will let you know when it comes about. Thanks again it was a great day and I learnt so much from you, even in that short space of time.
Rosemary, Letchworth

Sue is a truly talented individual and the level of trust and rapport she secured subsequently led me to consult with her on a specific issue and she kindly offered her advice and insight from her years of being a mother a women and a spiritual being.
SKF, Hertfordshire

Sue’s course has really put me back on track. I particularly enjoyed the 1:1 astrological chart reading, it confirmed some things I knew about myself as well as giving me direction on points I need to work on. I am much more focused on what it is I need to be doing and am now confident I am making the right decisions. It’s only been a couple of weeks since finishing the course but already positive things are happening – mind blown!
Tara, Bedfordshire

With her online course Sue has created a truly enlightening 6 weeks program of self discovery and personal reflection. The program builds week by week to provide you with a comprehensive toolbox of self analysis techniques to help you discover who you really are, why you are the way you are and what makes you tick as an individual. The idea being; that only once you know yourself can you follow your true path in life. Sue is truly passionate about her teaching and this is clear in the level of detail and time given to her students. I can’t recommend this course highly enough and thank Sue for opening my eyes.
Kate, France

This course has been brilliant in ways that I really wasn’t expecting! As well as clarity on my life purpose, an emotional issue that I had been grappling with came to the fore and I was able to make important shifts and move forward with this. Sue is just the sort of person to guide you such a situation, due to her natural empathy, intuition and understanding. As well as this, the course was very well structured with lots of interesting and fun activities. I would definitely recommend it.
Kath, Bedford

Wow what a great course. Sue really knows how to help you realise your potential and life purpose. After a couple of weeks I had a couple of signs from the universe reinforcing something that was revealed on one of the sessions. I now know what I need to have in my job/life for me to be happy and contented. I know the way to manifest those things, and a plan of my goals and strategies to realise them. I am so looking forward to following this plan and keeping in touch with the other people on the course. Sue has given me so many tools to help me through decisions and I would like to say a big thank you for helping me move forward with my vision for the future.
Lindsay Cook. Hitchin, UK

Sue always spends a lot of time with people and has a genuine interest and passion in their ongoing development. She is totally committed to the client an in helping them to achieve their desired outcome. Her communication skills are excellent and inspirational and she has many different approaches and therefore provides several options in any situation.
Jackie King

Many thanks for your help. With your help and support I am finally finding out about myself and the real me. I feel very positive about this. It will take time but I know with your ongoing help I will get there in the end.
Ian, Bedfordshire

I would like to tell you that I think you are doing a great job, teaching others how to be creative and positive; a woman after my own heart, keep it up and I am sure it will lead you to the most unusual places with unusual special people. Love and light in abundance.
Linda, Hertfordshire

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