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The outer rewards of career, prestige, status, and large salary packages conceal the urge to express our soul through our vocation.

This report is aimed at helping you reflect on your vocation or calling. It is as an aid to self understanding and awareness which in turn helps your vocational choices.

Your potential vocation destiny, direction, income and work and profession will all be covered. This report is illustrated on different pages throughout the report.

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Below is an excerpt from Richard Branson’s vocation report. 

Pluto was conjunct the ascendant when you were born. This is a very powerful position for Pluto.  Endowed with a perceptive and penetrating personality you are acutely conscious of whether others are being genuine or not. This can sometimes intimidate others, especially those unable to be honest with themselves, but you are not too concerned because you are so focused on your own ambitions. At the same time your direct approach also inspires trust and loyalty and allows you to be a powerful force in the world. You’re powerful and charismatic personality can befriend you on your vocational pathway as it helps you discriminate and choose what is right for you. Being true to yourself and honest with your feelings opens doors that allow you to become powerful and influential. The power of Pluto to influence the masses and transform public opinion is reflected in careers like marketing researchers, media and vocations of influence, politics, police work, big business and government.

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